Thank you for your interest in Seedbox Press. We publish an exciting range of books and e-books. Our list of current and upcoming books are about business leaders, politics, history, travel, food and drink, and pop culture. We are also open to publishing other topics.

Seedbox Press is always looking for interesting book ideas and will review all submissions. That said, you must follow the guidelines below or your submission will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines

1. Seedbox Press accepts submissions by e-mail only. Please use the contact form below.

2. Include a brief description of your project, who the targeted readers for the book are, why you think Seedbox Press should publish it, and your full contact information.

3. Include a title, outline, introduction, and a short chapter, if available.

4. If you have a special qualification to write the book or a built-in audience to promote the book (i.e. blog, radio show, or social media following) include that in your submission.

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